Kansas City- The Heart of America

Kansas City is one of many cities that has experienced unprecedented industrial growth in the past few years. It has been a popular market for locating a warehouse for several reasons including:  Read More

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Defining an asset-based 3PL

Third-party logistics companies (3PL) are often discussed as all doing the same service using similar methods. Many think that when there are changes in the real estate market, labor costs, or equipment pricing, it has the same effect on the entire industry. However, two different 3PLs can often perform the same service, but be structured very differently and have contrasting strengths and weaknesses.   Read More

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How 3PL's Should be Maximizing Their Warehouse Capacity

As warehouse capacity across the U.S. is shrinking rapidly, with under four percent vacancy nationwide, the lack of space left many 3PLs wondering how they can continue to grow. As a result, how a logistics provider utilizes the warehouse space they have is crucial.  Read More

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The Benefits of Shared Warehousing

Finding warehouse space has never been more difficult than it has in 2022, as vacancy rates have hit record lows throughout the nation. One solution businesses looking for outsourced logistics are increasingly turning towards is public warehouse space, or shared warehousing.   Read More

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The Importance of Property Management in your Warehouse

Whether you own industrial property, are considering purchasing a warehouse, or are involved with industrial real estate, property management is an important service to be familiar with.   Read More

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Shadow Space- What is it and Where is it Found?

While the supply of warehouse space throughout the country remains low, it is a misconception that the total vacancy rate represents the sum of the space available in a given market. The term "shadow space" refers to space that a tenant is leasing, but is not currently utilizing. In most cases, shadow space occurs when:  Read More

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How real estate selection fits into corporate strategy

The cliché of “location, location, location” applies in industrial real estate as much as commercial or residential, but what factors you bundle into that assessment are vastly different. A smart company on the hunt for a site should be asking whether a proposed site will support their business goals, and should be aligned with corporate strategy.  Read More

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Indianapolis- The Crossroads of America

The Crossroads of America sounds like the perfect place to have logistics capabilities and is just part of the reason why Indianapolis has grown to what it is today. It is now the 16th largest city in the US and the third-largest in the Midwest, behind only Chicago and Columbus.   Read More

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Industrial boom continues through late 2021, and beyond

We’ve all seen how the Covid-19 pandemic gave the industrial real estate sector the push it needed to go from well-poised to interstellar. Now research from the Commercial Real Estate Development Association suggests there will be no slowing down for the industrial market in the upcoming year.  Read More

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The Value of Customer Service

Today, supply chain functions cover a wide range of objectives. These are typically centered on the growth of the business and most importantly, customer service. In warehouse storage and distribution, the core of customer service is forming a relationship that customers want to sustain over time. We all expect great customer service, so what are we doing to provide it?  Read More

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