Interning at the Family Owned Logistics Business

I have heard about the family logistics business for as long as I can remember.  I've heard my parents and grandparents come home and talk about the latest successes or failures of the company. I never really understood what they were discussing and wasn't always interested at such a young age.  All I cared about was sports and being outside with friends. My Summer Internship:  My name is Nick Harmon and I will be a sophmore, majoring in Business at Mount Vernon Nazerene University in Mount Vernon, OH. This summer I was given the opportunity to intern at my family's business—Spartan Logistics in Columbus, OH.  They are a  third-party logistics (3PL) logistics company, family owned and operated since 1988.  They've grown from a small, regional public warehouse and distribution provider, to a logistics company with 13 strategically placed locations throughout North America.      Typical Responsibilities on the Job: Over the summer, I was tasked with working on financial projection spreadsheet projects, assisting in marketing functions, and also hands-on experience in the warehouse.  I accompanied my Grandfather on business trips and meetings. All of these opportunities have truly changed the way I view the business and the business world. It has made me appreciate how important the family business is to so many people, and has helped me gain insight into what a successful business should look like.    Read More

Topics: Logistics Internship