Shadow Space- What is it and Where is it Found?

While the supply of warehouse space throughout the country remains low, it is a misconception that the total vacancy rate represents the sum of the space available in a given market. The term "shadow space" refers to space that a tenant is leasing, but is not currently utilizing. In most cases, shadow space occurs when:  Read More

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What Factors Should I Consider when Choosing a Warehouse Location?

With demand for industrial space increasing in the third quarter (57 million SF absorbed nationwide), more businesses than ever are looking for warehouse space. Whether companies are looking to outsource to a 3PL or to plant their own warehouse, determining the right location is the most crucial step. It can be the difference in how efficient and successful a business is. Here are the most important factors to consider in this process:  Read More

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How should 3PL's React Coming out of this Global Recession?

Warehouse managers have been forced to change many of the procedures they operate by over the past two months due to COVID-19. From sanitation guidelines to interrupted supply chains, 3PL companies have had to adapt to the changing times. These events have led to significant delays in operations and some decline in the overall business. However, as we move into this post coronavirus world, the demand for warehouses is expected to surge for several reasons.  Read More

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How focused is your leadership team on what really matters?

Because I am a Christian man and a business leader, there are certain things that I know will always be true and there are other things that I believe as a matter of faith.  Read More

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Self-Driving Trucks-The Emerging Trend

We've seen a lot of futuristic self-driving cars and trucks on the big screen, but none of them really resemble the autonomous (self-driving) killer tractor trailers from the movie Logan. The scenes with the autonomous trucks are short but gripping. They feature a number of menacing, cabless trucks racing down the highways without any care for the human race caught in their path. It’s a scary vision of the future and needs to earn the public's trust.  Read More

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