Contract Warehousing vs. Public Warehousing

In third-party logistics "public warehousing" and "contract warehousing" are common terms. Do you know the difference between them?  Read More

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Lessons Learned in 3pl

Following one of Spartan Logistics' greatest disappointments, Steve Harmon, President of Spartan chose to dissect the experience rather than forget it. From one of Spartan's greatest accomplishments to one of the most disappointing, the journey of running a warehouse and distribution 3PL service is tumultuous. Let us take a look at both ends of the spectrum. Steve's white paper, Requiem of a Contract is below for download.  Read More

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Kevin O'Leary at MODEX 2016

Mr. Wonderful lived up to his nickname, sharing some interesting trends his investments, as a shark, have highlighted over the course of 7 seasons. Below we share some of the best points from his keynote address with you & his top 10 secrets to success.  Read More

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MODEX 2016

Modex was held in Atlanta, GA at the beginning of April. If you haven't been, this is a great networking and education opportunity. Spartan Logistics was proud to join our networking partner, Palisades Logistics, at the Georgia World Congress Center to speak with all who came by the booth.  Read More

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Why I Took my Team into the Woods

HISTORY: Twenty years ago when I was CFO of our company, I started having annual meetings with our whole management team to review performance, goals, and financial results as well as improve communication between team members who had never met. These were about as much fun as a trip to the dentist... Dilbert cartoons notwithstanding. So five years ago when I became president of our company, I resolved to change the tone and content of these meetings to change the culture & expectations of our team. I wanted to spend time training our team to be better leaders. I want them to think like owners and to make decisions in a situation the same way I would make them. I want them to know & understand the core values & mission of our company. To take action & make decisions consistent with those values. Since that time, the meetings have been a lot more fun... especially because they suddenly contained a lot less of me talking.  Read More

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