Family & Teamwork

Can there be a connection in the workplace? At Spartan, the answer is YES! Being a family owned company, we tend to do things a little bit differently. We've thrown the rulebook out the window by creating a company that not only values our team members but also each and every one of their families as if they were our own. This allows us to stretch our teamwork well beyond our warehouse doors. With heartbreaking news hitting one of our director's families unexpectedly, all Spartan locations, nationwide, banded together to help make a difference. An aggressive goal was set and the result exceeded our expectations. An overwhelming response came from each level of our team, warehouse pickers to directors, all wanting to contribute. With additional help from vendors and customers, we were able to triple our goal. When faced with adversity, our Spartan team rallied together. We are proud to have a group of people united by certain convictions, while practicing our core values We consider each one of them FAMILY! The Harmon Family includes a suite of companies that deliver business solutions through asset-based approaches in real estate, logistics, and construction. Spartan Logistics—Operates industrial real estate as a contract third-party logistics company combined with asset-based freight services. Spartan serves over 100 supply chain customers at 18 locations totaling over three million square feet in six states. NAI Harmon Group—Provides real estate solutions including site selection, brokerage services, and property management. As an affiliate of NAI Global, NAI Harmon Group leverage a vast network of over 7,000 professionals, their owners, and corporate clients. Logan Creek Construction—As an integrated design-build construction firm, Logan Creek Construction develops projects of all sizes and specifications, including industrial and commercial. Call us today to see how we can help you. (614) 497-1777  Read More

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Why I Took my Team into the Woods

HISTORY: Twenty years ago when I was CFO of our company, I started having annual meetings with our whole management team to review performance, goals, and financial results as well as improve communication between team members who had never met. These were about as much fun as a trip to the dentist... Dilbert cartoons notwithstanding. So five years ago when I became president of our company, I resolved to change the tone and content of these meetings to change the culture & expectations of our team. I wanted to spend time training our team to be better leaders. I want them to think like owners and to make decisions in a situation the same way I would make them. I want them to know & understand the core values & mission of our company. To take action & make decisions consistent with those values. Since that time, the meetings have been a lot more fun... especially because they suddenly contained a lot less of me talking.  Read More

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