The Value of Customer Service


Today, supply chain functions cover a wide range of objectives. These are typically centered on the growth of the business and most importantly, customer service. In warehouse storage and distribution, the core of customer service is forming a relationship that customers want to sustain over time. We all expect great customer service, so what are we doing to provide it?

Keeping customers in mind when making decisions and ensuring that they have positive experiences is crucial. Forming a superior service team is the key, beginning with the right people displaying passion, communication, and flexibility. Too many companies assume that good customer service is common sense and that your team understands how to deliver it, but it is worth investing the time to explain expectations and desired behaviors. Our customers are the reason we are able to do what we do, and our job is to serve them to the best of our ability.

Here are some simple tips for maintaining good customer service interactions:

Answer the phone

This seems straightforward, but when customers call, they want to know you are there and ready to help with routine or urgent requests. Treat every conversation with great importance and know each customer's wants to be able to speak their language.

Be part of the team

Work with a logistics provider that will truly partner with your company, always have your best interest in mind, and is invested in your success. A provider should meet with the customer regularly to review their KPI's and measurables ensuring a seamless supply chain process. Having a client and a provider on the same page not only helps the operation, but is beneficial to all departments of the 3PL.

Have a dedicated CSR

Customer Service Representatives must be trained to solve a range of issues, which starts with training them to have a sales focused mindset. When you instill this sales mentality into a customer service team, the end result is an understanding that the sales process doesn't end when a deal is closed. The customer wants to know that they have someone dedicated to their account and can meet their requirements, and is most important to get right during a startup. In the end, customers will judge you on how well you handle basic, day-to-day operations, and that starts with investing in great people.

Spartan runs through our core values of customer service, integrity, teamwork, and respect. We pride ourselves on operating by these every day and it shapes the work we do for our customers in public and contract warehousing. Contact us today to find out more about Spartan.

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