The Spartan Story: A Warehouse Company Grows


Ed Harmon, Steve Harmon at Spartan Logistics AR Warehouse

Customer Service is one of Spartan Logistics' four pillars. It is also the heart of our company story. When it comes to such dry topics as: leasing warehouse space, dry good storage, or inventory control systems; customer service may not be the first thought in mind.

At Spartan Logistics we have learned customer service, regardless of topic, should always be the first thought. It is through fulfilling our customer's 3pl needs that we will continue to grow.

The Very BeginningColumbus, OH Warehouse Space

Spartan Logistics was started in 1988 because two friends, Jim Ranney & Ed Harmon, recognized a need in Columbus, OH. One friend had the means to supply the equipment, the other had the brain to run the business. Both are still friends today. This public warehousing company sprouted from another friend in need... of space and handling.

Relationships: friendship & teamwork were the catalyst then for what has grown into a successful small company. Relationships since have been at the core of Spartan Logistics' growth.

Customer Demanded Growth

Spartan has a long history of focusing on growing and maintaining relationships with our warehousing customers. One phenomenon we take great pride in, our customers have been the reason for our expansion outside Columbus into South Carolina, Indianapolis, and Arkansas. Once we have setup in these locations, our commitment to customer service leads to our continued growth. In the past 5 years, we have tripled in revenue almost entirely through organic growth at our customers' behest.

SC and AR Warehouse Space for LeaseSpartan Expands in Fort Smith, AR

Our reputation for cost effectiveness and capability in warehouse services did not grow overnight. It took time to build the trust between us and the clients. Every day is an opportunity to further nurture that trust or misstep; while we have experienced hiccups, thankfully those are further and farther apart each time.

Real People

A warehouse has a concrete floor, metal walls, and a roof. A truck is wheels, fuel, and an engine with power to move. Without people though a warehouse is just empty space and a truck is an ugly lawn ornament. People make the difference which is why Spartan Logistics, a warehousing and 3pl company, has mission statement centered on people.

Integrity, Teamwork, Respect & Customer Service. Do what you say you will do, work better together, treat others how you wish to be treated and always remember that without the customer, we don't exist!


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