Interning at the Family Owned Logistics Business

I have heard about the family logistics business for as long as I can remember. I've heard my parents and grandparents come home and talk about the latest successes or failures of the company. I never really understood what they were discussing and wasn't always interested at such a young age. All I cared about was sports and being outside with friends. My Summer Internship: My name is Nick Harmon and I will be a sophmore, majoring in Business at Mount Vernon Nazerene University in Mount Vernon, OH. This summer I was given the opportunity to intern at my family's business—Spartan Logistics in Columbus, OH. They are a third-party logistics (3PL) logistics company, family owned and operated since 1988. They've grown from a small, regional public warehouse and distribution provider, to a logistics company with 13 strategically placed locations throughout North America. Typical Responsibilities on the Job: Over the summer, I was tasked with working on financial projection spreadsheet projects, assisting in marketing functions, and also hands-on experience in the warehouse. I accompanied my Grandfather on business trips and meetings. All of these opportunities have truly changed the way I view the business and the business world. It has made me appreciate how important the family business is to so many people, and has helped me gain insight into what a successful business should look like.  Read More

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Why can't I find warehouse space?

Some days this feels like the best of times for the those who operate logistics companies and who operate industrial real estate, and the worst of times for those looking for a bargain on warehouse space. Despite moderate economic growth, the U.S. industrial market continues to expand. Nationwide, warehouse vacancy decreased to 9.2%-in the first quarter of 2016. This is the lowest it has been in 15 years. In certain markets, it is even lower, sometimes just a few properties. Moreover, the Class A and B space was the first to be absorbed; much of what is currently available is Class C and D- mostly 50-year obsolete properties and shuttered manufacturing plants. National warehouse and distribution center demand is running from between 225 million and 230 million square feet per year lease, while new supply remains at roughly 165 million square feet. Are you challenged to find high quality warehouse space and service providers where and when you need them? Spartan Logistics has been planning for this day for 25 years.  Read More